I have been playing more with relief tiles in creating murals. These pieces are fun to build and let my mind escape the circularity of the wheel. Each piece "creates" itself as I add and carve the clay.

This piece was done to honor the Columbia River:

Another series of tiles was an inspiration from the book "Tree" by David Suzuki and Wayne Grady. The book was divided into chapters from the life of a 450 year old Douglas Fir. My renditions of these stages are below.


"Taking Root"




This next mural titled "Where I Belong" was exhibited in a show with the theme "Belonging" at the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre

This mural was exhibited in a show with the theme of "Origins". It is entitled "Raven and the First People"

"Infinite Doorways"

"Inside Passage"

"Ancient One"


"Raven and the Moon"