The ever popular "Go Big" mugs are great for any outdoor enthusiast. Images include downhill skiers, cross-country skiers, snowboarders, whitewater kayakers, seakayakers, runners, backcountry skiers, heli-sking, mountain bikers, rock  and ice climbers and more! "Go Big" Mugs are made in "Go Big" sizes, but I can scale them down too.

The "Full Moon" mugs are an inspiration from the beautiful landscape I live in and have both mountain and forest motifs.  Made from  two different clays, etched, waxed and glazed, these mugs come in two different sizes.

The "Mountain" mugs are reminiscent of our Revelstoke sky line!

"Tree Mugs" evoke the grandeur of our Interior Temperate Rainforest.

Other glaze designs: A variety of shapes ands colors to please all palettes.